Tabasamu is the Swahili word for smile. Circus Tabasamu loves to make people smile! Trough circus, acrobatics and AcroYoga Circus Tabasamu connects cultures and countries.
We offer all kinds of circus activities and circus shows with the main focus on acrobatics and AcroYoga.
The Circus Tabasamu project in Kenya provides acrobatic and Acro Yoga workshops and classes for unprivileged youths and children.
Marieke & Colins have been doing circus projects together for over 8 years in both the Netherlands and Kenya. They currently live with their two beautiful children in the Netherlands.

Since her early youth, circus and acrobatics have been an integral part of her life. She loves the craziness and playfulness she finds in both art forms that give her life endless joy and inspiration.
From the age of 17, she has been teaching at various youths circuses. She has both organised and performed in festivals and international circus tours all over Europe.
In 2004, she has discovered Acro Yoga and immediately feel in love with the unique combination of acrobatics, Yoga and massage. Since 2007, she has been teaching and sharing Acro Yoga all over the world.
Circus Tabasamu represents all the skills, Marieke has gained on her personal and professional journey.

Born and raised in Kenya, for Colins acrobatics has been the key to happiness and freedom. Growing up in economic poor conditions, acrobatics gave his life structure and meaning. In 2006, he has been performing with his Kenyan acrobatic group Jungle Acrobats  for the first time in Turkey. Since then, he has been performing with different acrobatic groups and teaching acrobatics in 12 different countries worldwide.
He is also a certified Acro Yoga teacher and he is part of the organisation YIP (Youths in prison).
For Colins, Circus Tabasamu is a way of sharing and giving back to the world the qualities and tools he has gained through acrobatics and Acro Yoga.